Step Up Consultancy was founded because in previous roles I had been unable to find a group or individual to come alongside me to bring a combination of strategic thought leadership, personal coaching, creative stimulation, and people development … and all done in a collaborative, down-to-earth and fun style.

Making a difference to how you see things, and how you do things is all about finding a partner who can be immersed yet outside of your business.  It’s not about being the know-it-all consultant telling you how it should be done, but rather being a catalyst and participator  enabling you to become the game-changer.

Recent client list
• Warner Bros.
• Dragon’s Den
• Fremantle Media
• Walker Books
• Times Educational
• Imagination Games
• Flair Leisure Products plc
• L Capital Bank of New York
• Nuff Corporation Films Ltd
• Moo Cow Advertising
• MediaCom
• Drumond Park Games
• Hollywood Domino Inc

Contact details
Simon Gardner, Managing Director
T: +44 (0) 1306 889070 M: + 44 (0) 791 7773850